Chevron Jump Ring Chain

Chevron Chain - In this example we are using 20ga 3.0mm I.D. for the large jump rings and 20ga 2.0mm ID for the small jump ring connectors. If you are new to chain making, we suggest increasing the jump ring sizes to 20ga 3.5 and 20ga 2.5.

This project uses the following size jump rings.




STEP 1: The Starter - Add A

In this example the close a Large Jump Ring, [A] is 20ga 3.0mm ID and attach a piece of scrap wire as a handle.

I find that attaching a piece of scrap wire to the beginning of the chain makes it easier to manage.  This step is not required.


STEP 2: The Starter - Add B

Small Jump Ring. [B] is 20ga 2.0mm ID. 

Attach a Small ring [B] to the first jump ring [A].

Note: 2.0mm ID jump rings are very small, if you are a beginner try 20ga 3.5mm ID - Large; and 20ga 2.5mm ID - Small.



STEP 3: The Starter - Repeat

Continue building the chain Large ring + Small ring + Large ring + Small ring.


STEP 4: Build the Chain to Length

Build the chain to length:

Average Necklace: 16"-18" inches
Average Bracelet: 7.5" - 8.5" inches
Average Anklet: 9" - 10" inches

For best results, lock down the chain to a board, (piece of cardboard, or necklace display holder) to prevent the chain from twisting.

You want all of the large jump rings to line up facing the same way. Attaching new jump rings to the proper edge is important.


STEP 5: Find the Middle of the Chain [Row 1]

Find the approximate middle of the project.

Open a Small (20ga 2.0mm ID) Jump Ring and add it to Large jump ring A on the existing chain.


STEP 6: Add Small Connector Rings

Add the first row of Small Connector Rings to Row 1

Ring A - add 1 (you did this in step 5)
Ring B - add 2
Ring C - add 2
Ring D - add 2
Ring E - add 1



STEP 7: Start Row Two

Open a new Large Ring.  From left to right, connect a new large ring to the 1st and 2nd small connectors added in Step 6.



STEP 8: Complete Row Two

Open and Add 3 more Large rings. Each new large ring attaches to two connector rings from the row above.

Ring A attaches to 1st and 2nd Small ring
Ring B attaches to 3rd and 4th Small ring
Ring C attaches to 5th and 6th Small ring
Ring D attaches to 7th and 8th Small ring


STEP 9: Connect Large Rings to Each Other

Each large jump ring in the row should be connected to ring next to it. Open a new Small ring and connect A to B.


STEP 10: Finish Connecting the Large Rings

Open 3 new Small jump rings.

Connect A to B (performed in step 9)

Connect B to C

Connect C to D


STEP 11: New Row of Small Connectors

Just like we did in step 5 - 6.

Open 6 new small jump rings.

Add 1 to Large Ring A
Add 2 to Large Ring B
Add 2 to Large Ring C
Add 1 to Large Ring D


STEP 12: Add Row Three

Open 3 new Large jump rings.

Connect A to the first pair of Small connector jump rings.

Connect B to the second pair

Connect C to the third pair



STEP 13: Add Small Connectors

Just like we did in step 11

Open 4 new small jump rings.

Add 1 to Large Ring A
Add 2 to Large Ring B
Add 1 to Large Ring C



STEP 14: Connect the Large Rings in Row 3

Open 2 new Small jump rings and connect the large rings to each other.

Connect A to B (performed in step 9/10)

Connect B to C



STEP 15: Add Row 4

Open 2 new large rings. Attach large rings to the small connector rings.



STEP 16: New Small Connectors

Open 2 new small jump rings.

Add 1 to Large Ring A
Add 1 to Large Ring B


STEP 17: Connect the Row

Open new new small ring.

Connect A to B


STEP 18: Last Row

Open a single Large ring and connect it to the small connector rings.

STEP 19: Add a Bead

Hang a bead, charm or pendant from the last ring.


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