Floret Chain Instructions

Floret Chain Project - This jump ring chain project uses (30) 16ga 12.0mm ID; (40) 18ga 4.0mm ID and (30) 18ga 3.0mm ID jump rings to complete a bracelet 7" to 9".

Overview: The Floret consist of three interlocked rings attached together in a series to form a repeating chain. There is so much you can do to create different looks by changing ring sizes and alternating the distance between the florets with more links.

This project uses the following size jump rings.


STEP 1: The Materials

The floret is made with 16ga 12mm ID jump rings; 18ga 4.0mm ID jump rings and 18ga 3.0mm ID jump rings. You can alter these sizes to fit your own design.


STEP 2: Close One

Begin by closing a 16ga 12mm ID jump ring (large).

STEP 3: Link Two

Attach one large ring to the first ring.


STEP 4: Organize

Organize the rings by pushing them together.

STEP 5: Link Three

Add a third ring thru the middle of the set of two.



STEP 6: Organize Again

Push all three rings together to make an organized 'floret'

STEP 7: Right Way, Wrong Way

If your floret looks slightly oval, the top ring may be laying incorrectly. Simply flip it over (while still attached) and it should nest correctly.


STEP 8: Keep them Aligned

Attach (4) 18ga 4.0mm ID jump rings (medium) to the floret. Organize the rings so that two are on each side.

STEP 9: Make More

Using the large and medium jump rings. Make as many links as you need to create the proper project length. If you are using the sizes as shown, each link will measure approx. 7/8"


STEP 10: Make a Chain

Using (2) 18ga 3.0mm ID jump rings (small) connect the links together. A single jump ring is sufficient, but two creates the desired texture and continues the theme of the piece.


STEP 11: Add a Clasp

Of course, any clasp will work. Our preference is a ring and toggle clasp that has a similar diameter as the floret, giving the piece continuity.

We will be adding a soldering project on how to make a custom floret clasp in the near future.

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