Persian Jump Ring Chain

Full Persian Chain - Also known as the Foxtail chain, is one of the root patterns in chain making. The A.R. for Full Persian is a 5.5 minimum value, you can use any value at minimum or above. Using 18ga 5.5mm ID the estimate rings needed is 24 per inch or around 200 for a bracelet, 500 for a necklace.

This kit uses 18ga 5.5 but you can create the chain with the following size jump rings.



STEP 1: Materials

The Full Persian is a easy chain to make, but is a challenge to teach and share in print. We hope to do a good job here. With an A.R. of 5.5 you can use any size jump ring at that AR ID value or larger. If you want to use 18ga, choose an I.D. of 5.5mm or larger. The smallest I.D. per gauge are shown above.

This pattern repeats every four rings. It may help to open groups of four jump rings for your convenience.



STEP 2: The Starter - Make a Handle

Close two jump rings and secure them with a piece of scrap wire.



STEP 3: Add a New Jump Ring

Open a new jump ring and attach it to the two rings above.


STEP 4: Add New Ring

Open a new jump ring and attach it to the two above. You should have a 2 in 2 chain.

STEP 5: Add a second handle

Using a piece of scrap make a handle by attaching it to the bottom two jump rings.

STEP 6: The Fold

Bring the two wire handles together like you are closing a book.  Twist the two wire handles together to form a single handle.




STEP 7: Split and Add

Split the jump rings that appear to be outside the group. Open a new jump ring and add it the two jump rings that appear to be inside the group.



STEP 8: Add a New Jump Ring

As you did in Step 7, open a new ring and attach it two both inner rings.  It should sit right next to the ring you just added.

Review Pair C should be attached to pair A, as they split pair B


STEP 9: Look for the V - Add a New Ring

Grasp the handles and chain as shown. Open a new jump ring and insert it thru the two middle jump rings that form a upside down V.  Don't close the ring just yet.


STEP 10: Close inside C

Before you close the jump ring, allow it to go inside pair of rings at then end. Then close the ring.

STEP 11: Check the V

If you did this step correctly the new ring should be inside the last pair and a upside down V pattern will emerge.

STEP 12: Check it Again

It is still a little unorganized at this point. You should have one ring on the front, get ready to add the other ring.



STEP 13: Flip it Over

Go back to Step 9 and repeat.

Flip the chain over and add a new ring on the other side. Insert the new ring thru the rings that form the ā€œVā€ and close together inside C.



STEP 14: Pattern Starts Again

Look for the very last two rings on the chain.  Open a new jump ring, separate the last two rings, attach two rings to the inside pair



STEP 15: Repeat 9-14

Repeat steps 9 thru 14.  Your chain should keep the V or chevron pattern.  To add a clasp, use a smaller jump ring to link the clasp to the chain.



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