Byzantine Matrix Chain

Matrix Chain - The Byzantine Matrix chain is a variant on the traditional Byzantine weave.  It is built by creating segments of chain and linking them together. The project as shown uses (250) 18ga 3.75mm ID Jump rings; (50) 16ga 5.5mm ID jump rings. Mixing metals is an interesting way to highlight this project.

This project uses the following size jump rings.



This project uses SMALL jump ring (18ga 3.75mm ID) and LARGE jump rings (16ga 5.5mm ID)


STEP 1: The Starter

Close a large (16ga 5.5mm ID) jump ring [A]. I recommend attaching a piece of scrap wire to help hold on to your project.


STEP 2: Add a Small Ring

Attach a new small (18ga 3.75mm ID) jump ring [B] to jump ring [A].

  matrix-step02” width=

STEP 3: Add a Second Ring

Attach a second small jump ring [b] to jump ring [A].

  matrix-step03” width=

STEP 4: Add New Ring C

Add a new small jump ring [C] and attach it to both rings [B & b]

  Step 4 Matrix Chain

STEP 5: Add New Ring c

Add a new small jump ring [c] and attach it to both rings [B & b]


  Step 5 matrix Chain

STEP 6: The Grip

Hold the starter ring [A] by the wire and let the jump rings hang. Use your thumb and finger so that you pinch [A & Bb]. This isolation technique will make it easier to build your chain. If you wiggle your hand, only pair [Cc] should move back and forth.


  Step 6 matrix Chain

STEP 7: The Flip

Turn your hand so that you are pointing the starter at the ceiling. ([Cc] is now on top). Separate rings [C] and [c] to open like the petals of a flower.
  Step 7 matrix Chain

STEP 8: The Separation

Using an Awl or pointed tool, separate the rings [B] and [b]. If you lose your place start over (step 6: the grip) and focus on pinching rings [A] [Bb] to keep the rings from moving too much.

  Step 8 matrix Chain

STEP 9: The Push

Push the awl into the chain. You are picking up the inside of rings [C] and [c] and pulling the up between [B] and [b].

  Step 9 matrix Chain

STEP 10: The Push... cont'd

Should look like this.

  Step 10 matrix Chain

STEP 11: The Hold

Grasp the chain firmly.  Remove the Awl, maintain a firm pressure. This will keep the chain from collapsing while you pickup and add your next set of jump rings.

  matrix Poppy Step 11” width=

STEP 12: Add New Ring

Open an new small jump ring and insert in the space occupied by the AWL.

  Step 12 matrix Chain

STEP 13: Close the Ring, Add a Second Ring

Close the added ring and add a new small ring beside it.

  Step 13 matrix Chain

STEP 14: Half way There

The last two jump rings become the new A. (Review Step 1)
  Step 14 matrix Chain

STEP 15: Add Two Rings

Add two new rings to the end of the chain.

  Step 15 matrix Chain

STEP 16: Add New Pair

Add two new rings to the end of the chain.
  matrix Poppy Step 16” width=

STEP 17: Grip, Flip, Divide and Hold

Grip and Flip the chain. Insert an Awl just as in Steps 6 thru 11.

  Step 17 matrix Chain

STEP 18: Insert new Large Jump Ring

Remove the Awl and Insert a new large jump ring in its place. Segment Complete!
  matrix-step18” width=

STEP 19: Make Segments

Repeat the steps to make several of these byzantine segments. A bracelet requires between 18 and 22 segments.
  matrix-step19” width=

STEP 20: Link Segments

Open the large jump ring C at one end of the chain segment C - D. Insert the large ring thru the two jump rings (marked in blue) on the side of  segment A - B.
  matrix-step20” width=

STEP 21: Looks like This.

Your chain should look like this.


  matrix-step21” width=

STEP 22: Link the other End

Open the Large jump ring B at the end of segment A - B. Attach it to the rings on the side of segment C - D.
  matrix-step22” width=

STEP 23: Keep Adding Segments

Open the end of a new segment and attach it the the middle of the existing chain.
  matrix-step23” width=

STEP 24: Connect the Other End

Complete the other connection end of the segment.
  matrix-step24” width=

STEP 25: Balance the End

When you have completed the desired length of your chain, add a Large jump ring to each end.
  matrix-step25” width=

STEP 26: Both Ends should look like this.

Once you have the ends squared off, you can add a clasp.
  matrix-step26” width=

STEP 27: Add a Clasp

Add a small jump ring and link the two large jump rings at the end.  Using a second jump ring attach your clasp.  Repeat on each end.
  matrix-step27” width=

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