Open Round Chain Instructions

Open Round Chain Maille - This chain has an Aspect Ratio of 4.0. This means the smallest Inside Diameter for this project in 18ga is 4.0mm ID. You can go larger inside diameter. The project as shown uses (150) 18ga 4.0mm ID Jump rings.

This project uses the following size jump rings.







STEP 1: The Starter

The easiest way to assemble this chain is to make a starter. You need a dowel (3/16" diameter) a piece of masking tape and (3) 18ga 4.0mm ID Jump Rings.

Close the three jump rings.

  Step 1 Open Round Chain Maillee

STEP 2: Stick 'Em

Press the 3 closed jump rings into the sticky side of the masking tape. Make sure at least half of the jump ring is visible above the tape.

  Step 2 Open Round Chain Maille

STEP 3: The Roll

Attach the dowel to the edge of the tape. Make the end of the dowel equal with the tape, and roll the dowel so that the tape and jump rings are packed inside.

  Step 3 Open Round Chain Maille

STEP 4: Looks Like This...

Press the tape firmly against the dowel and jump rings to secure them. Your finished starter should allow you to add jump rings to the starter jump rings.

  Step 4 Open Round Chain Maille

STEP 5: The Triangle

The jump rings on the starter should form a triangle. You will be adding new jump rings, one each, the the corners of the triangle where the jump rings meet.

  Step 5 Open Round Chain Maille

STEP 6: Starter Complete

Optional: Hang the starter from your work lamp or third hand to give you access to the chain.

  Step 6 Open Round Chain Maille

STEP 7: Pair #1 - first new ring

Locate the point where two rings on the starter are touching. Open a jump ring and attach it to that pair.

  Step 7 Open Round Chain Maille

STEP 8: Pair #2 - second new ring

Rotate the work to the next point where two rings from the starter touch. Add a new jump ring.

  Step 8 Open Round Chain Maille

STEP 9: Pair #3 - last new ring

Turn your work and find the point where the rings from the starter touch and add a new jump ring.

Row Complete!

  Step 9 Open Round Chain Maille

STEP 10: Add a new row - new ring #1

You are going to repeat the steps 7, 8 & 9. But lets continue following the chain to reinforce what it should look like

  Step 10 Open Round Chain Maille

STEP 11: Then ring #2, then ring #3

Find the point the the rings touch and add a new ring. Each row requires 3 new rings.

Note: The first several rows can be tricky. Make sure that your new ring only connect two rings and does not grab the previous row.

  Step 11 Open Round Chain Maille

STEP 12: Continue the Chain

As you chain progresses in length, it will stabilize and you will no longer need the dowel. I find it easier to keep track of the chain by making small piles of three rings.

  Step 12 Open Round Chain Maille

STEP 13: Add the clasp

Adding the clasp is a little tricky in that you need to reduce the chain from three rings, to two, then to one. There sill be a side of the chain that will be left out, but it should not be very visible.
  Step 13 Open Round Chain Maille

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