Open Ring with Pearl Instructions

Open Pearl w/ Ring Supplies - Project uses (3) 16ga 12.0mm ID; (16) 16ga 7.0mm ID and (6) 16ga 5.0mm ID jump rings; (15) 6-12mm Assorted Sized Pearls; (16) handmade ball headpins and a Toggle Clasp to make a bracelet. To create a necklace, add (35) 16ga 5.0mm ID Jump Rings.

Overview: Wire wrap each of the glass pearls using the handmade ball headpin, assemble the jump rings into a chain, adding the pearl drops as you go.

This project uses the following size jump rings.


STEP 1: How to Wire Wrap

Thread a glass pearl bead on to a head pin.


STEP 2: Grip

Using a pair of round nose pliers, grip the head pin at the top of the bead.

STEP 3: Push Forward

Push the wire forward to make a 90 degree bend.

STEP 4: Change Grip

Release the tension grip on the pliers and rotate and grip on the "elbow " of the bend.

STEP 5: Wire Back, Over the Top and Down

With the new grip in place, bend the wire back over the top of the pliers and push straight down

  Open Ring with Pearl

STEP 6: Rotate the Grip

Release the tension grip and rotate the pliers one quarter turn.



STEP 7: Continue the path

Continue the path of the wire to create a complete loop


STEP 8: Wrap

Grip the end of the wire with a chain nose pliers and wrap the wire around the headpin two or three times. Keep tension on the wire for a well organized coil

STEP 9: Chain Layout

Assemble the chain as shown in the layout below. As you open and close jump rings to create the chain, add the wire wrapped pearl component as you go.



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